Metals Make the Difference

Learn more about the advantages of the different metals used in Autolite spark plugs

Autolite® Iridium XP Enhanced Alloy Technology Spark Plugs

  • Iridium-enhanced center electrode
  • Proprietary platinum sidewire technology
  • 0.6-mm finewire design for improved ignitability
  • Nickel-plated shell
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Autolite® Double Platinum Spark Plugs

  • Full platinum tips
  • High nickel alloy side electrode 
  • Necked-down center electrode
  • Full copper core center electrode
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Autolite® Platinum Spark Plugs

  • High nickel alloy side electrode maintains precise gap
  • Full platinum tip center electrode assures virtually no gap erosion
  • Necked-down center electrode fires quicker, cleaner with less voltage for easier starts, quicker acceleration
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Autolite® Copper Spark Plugs

  • Copper-glass seal bonds insulator, terminal post and center electrode together; assures full required voltage at spark gap; gas-tight seal (100% leak proof)
  • Multi-rib insulator reduces danger of "flash-over"
  • One-piece terminal post adds strength
  • Resistor reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) and electrode erosion
  • Cold-formed steel shell precision rolled threads
  • Full copper core electrode provides better performance in all conditions
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