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Online Parts Catalog

Part Number: XS4164

Part Desc Iridium Powersports Spark Plug
Thread Size 12mm X 1.25
Reach 3/4"
Hex Size 11/16" (18mm)
Seat Type Gasket
Tip Configuration Mid Projection
Resistor Resistor
Special Feature(s) Finewire
Heat Range Chart Row 6
Metal Type Iridium
Terminal Type Solid
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Autolite Xtreme Sport® Spark Plugs

Autolite Xtreme Sport® spark plugs are engineered to meet or exceed OE designs and withstand the extreme operating temperatures experienced during a powersports engine’s combustion. They were designed with iridium-enhanced 0.6mm finewire design for improved ignitability, faster fuel combustion and a more focused ignition versus standard plugs. They also provide up to 26 percent quicker starts compared to that of standard plugs and as much as 21 percent less hydrocarbon emissions than standard plugs, which promotes better fuel efficiency and horsepower.

The Xtreme Sport® Spark Plug features a platinum finewire tip that helps with easy starting, reduces fouling of the spark plug, and ensures longer performance.

ARCTIC CAT 250 2X42006-2009249cc
ARCTIC CAT 3002010-2015270cc
ARCTIC CAT DVX 2502006-2008250cc
ARCTIC CAT DVX 3002009-2015270cc
ARCTIC CATAll Terrain Vehicle DVX 250 SOHC 4-Stroke2007-2008
ARCTIC CATPower Sports 250 2x4 SOHC 4-Stroke2002-2009
ARCTIC CATPower Sports 250 4x4 SOHC 4-Stroke2002-2006
ARCTIC CATPower Sports 300 2x4 SOHC 4-Stroke2002-2004
ARCTIC CATPower Sports 300 4x4 SOHC 4-Stroke2002-2005
ARCTIC CATPower Sports 300, DVX 2X4 Automatic SOHC 4-Stroke2009-2013
ARCTIC CATPower Sports Bearcat 250 2x41998-2001
ARCTIC CATPower Sports Bearcat 250 4x42001
ARCTIC CATPower Sports Bearcat 300 2x41998-2001
ARCTIC CATPower Sports Bearcat 300 4x41998-2001
ARIENSLawn Mower & Garden Tractor w/Kohler 3.8 hp Courage XT-6
BIG DOGMotorcycle 107 cid All Models w/Total Performance Engines1750cc
BIMOTAMotorcycle Supermono, Biposto1995-1997652cc
BMWMotorcycle K100, RS, RT, LT 8 Valve1983-19941000cc
BMWMotorcycle K100LTA, RSA1994-19951000cc
BMWMotorcycle K1200GT2003-20081200cc
BMWMotorcycle K1200GT2003-20091200cc
BMWMotorcycle K1200LT1999-20091200cc
BMWMotorcycle K1200LT1999-20111200cc
BMWMotorcycle K1200RS1997-20051200cc
BMWMotorcycle K75, C, S, SA, RTA, T1986-1995750cc
BMWMotorcycle R1150R Exhaust2004-20051130cc
BMWMotorcycle R1150R Rockster Exhaust20051130cc
BUELLMotorcycle Blast2001-2009492cc
BUELLMotorcycle Blast2001-2010492cc
BUELLMotorcycle RR10001987-19881000cc
BUELLMotorcycle RSS1200, RS, RR1989-19941200cc
BUELLMotorcycle Thunderbolt S2, S2T1995-19961200cc
CCMMotorcycle Trials CMT 246
CCMMotorcycle Trials CMT 310
CFMOTOAll Terrain Vehicle CF500/CF500-A
CUSHMANLawn & Turf Equipment w/Suzuki 36 hp OHV
CUSHMANUtility Vehicle Turf-Truckster 36 hp
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke2012-201315 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke2012-20133.5 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke2012-20134 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke2012-20136 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke2012-20139.8 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke DOHC 815cc1999-200140 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke DOHC 815cc1999-200150 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke SOHC 305CC1995-200115 h.p.
EVINRUDEOutboard 4-Stroke SOHC 305CC1995-20019.9 h.p.
GAS GASAll Terrain Vehicle Quad 250 4 Tiempos/RV 4-Stroke2006
GAS GASMotorcycle TXT Boy 50 4-Stroke2004-200650cc
GAS GASMotorcycle TXT Pro 1252003-2013125cc
GAS GASMotorcycle TXT Pro 2002005-2009175cc
GAS GASMotorcycle TXT Pro 2802005-2013272cc
GAS GASMotorcycle TXT Pro 3002005-2013294cc
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle All Models1985-2013883cc; V-2 Evolution
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle All Models1986-19871100cc; V-2 Evolution
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle FL -All Models2007-20131803cc
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle FX -All Models2007-20131803cc
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle Twin Cam 103, 103B - All Models2005-20131690cc
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle Twin Cam 88, 88B - All Models1998-20071450cc
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle Twin Cam 96, 96B2007-20131584cc
HARLEY-DAVIDSONMotorcycle XL - All Models1988-20131200cc; V-2 Evolution
HondaStreet Motorcycle CB700SC Nighthawk S1986696cc
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle ATC125M1984-1989
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle ATC185, S1980-1983
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle ATC200ES1983-1984
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle ATC250ES, SX1985-1987
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle ATC3501986-1989
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX250T FourTrax Recon2011-2013
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX250X2009-2013
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX350ES Fourtrax Rancher 2x42003-2006
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX350F/FE/FM FourTrax Rancher 4x4 ES2001-2006
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX350TE/TM Fourtrax Rancher 4x42000-2006
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX350TM FourTrax Rancher 2X42002-2006
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX500FA FourTrax Foreman Rubicon2000-2009
HONDAAll Terrain Vehicle TRX500FGA FourTrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape2004-2009
HONDAMotorcycle CB125S1973-1985125cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB350F 4-cyl.1972-1974350cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB400, A, T1978-1981400cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB400F1975-1977400cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB500F1971-1973500cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB550 - All Models1974-1978550cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB550 - All Models1983550cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB6501979-1982650cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB650SC1982-1985650cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB700SC1984-1986700cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB750 Nighthawk1969-1993750cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB750 Nighthawk1995-2003750cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB900C, F1979-1982900cc
HONDAMotorcycle CBX Super1979-19851050cc
HONDAMotorcycle CH1251984125cc
HONDAMotorcycle CH150, CH150D1985-1987150cc
HONDAMotorcycle CL125S1973-1974125cc
HONDAMotorcycle CM4001979-1981400cc
HONDAMotorcycle CM450, A, E1982-1983450cc
HONDAMotorcycle CRF150F2003-2005150cc
HONDAMotorcycle CRF230F2012-2014230cc
HONDAMotorcycle CT1101980-1981110cc
HONDAMotorcycle CT1251977125cc
HONDAMotorcycle CX500 - All Models1979-1985500cc
HONDAMotorcycle GL10001975-19791000cc
HONDAMotorcycle GL1100, I, A1980-19831100cc
HONDAMotorcycle GL1200, I, A, Aspencade, Gold Wing, Interstate1984-19871200cc
HONDAMotorcycle GL1500, A, I, SE, Aspencade, Gold Wing1988-20001520cc
HONDAMotorcycle GL500, I1981-1982500cc
HONDAMotorcycle PC800 Pacific Coast1989-1998800cc
HONDAMotorcycle SL1251971-1973125cc
HONDAMotorcycle TL125S1973-1976125cc
HONDAMotorcycle TL2501975-1976250cc
HONDAMotorcycle Valkyrie F6, Tourer, Interstate, CD, CF1996-20031520cc
HONDAMotorcycle VF1100C1983-19861100cc
HONDAMotorcycle VF5001984-1985500cc
HONDAMotorcycle VF7001984-1987700cc
HONDAMotorcycle VFR700F, F21986-1987700cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT1100C, Shadow Aero, Sabre, Spirit1985-20071100cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT13CR, CRA ABS Stateline2010-20131312cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT13CS, CSA ABS Sabre2010-20131312cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT13CT Interstate2010-20131312cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT13CX, ABS Fury2010-20131312cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT500C1983-1986500cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT500FT1983-1984500cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT600C, CD Shadow VLX, VLX Deluxe1988-2007600cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT700C1984-1987700cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT8001994800cc
HONDAMotorcycle VT800C1988800cc
HONDAMotorcycle VTX1300C, F, R, S, T2004-20091312cc
HONDAMotorcycle XL1001974-1978100cc
HONDAMotorcycle XL125S1974-1981125cc
HONDAMotorcycle XL125S1979-1981125cc
HONDAMotorcycle XL2501972-1976250cc
HONDAMotorcycle XL500S1979-1981500cc
HONDAMotorcycle XL600R1983-1987600cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR1851979185cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR200R1981-2002200cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR200R1981-2003200cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR5001979-1980500cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR500R1981-1984500cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR600R1985-1998600cc
HONDAOutboard BF25 SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.25 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF30 SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.30 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF35AM SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.35 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF40 SOHC SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.40 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF45AM SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.45 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF50 SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.50 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF60 SOHC 4-Stroke 3-Cyl.60 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF75 SOHC 4-Stroke 4-Cyl.75 h.p.
HONDAOutboard BF90 SOHC 4-Stroke 4-Cyl.90 h.p.
HONDAScooter CH125, Elite1984
HONDAScooter CH150, Elite1985-1987
HONDAScooter CH250, Elite1985-1990
HONDAScooter CN250, Helix1986-2001
HONDAScooter CN250B Helix2004-2008
HONDAScooter NSS250, Reflex, Reflex Sport, ABS2001-2008
HONDAScooter PS2506 Big Ruckus2005-2006
HUSQVARNALawn Mower & Garden Tractor 6021P
HUSQVARNALawn Mower & Garden Tractor HD600L
HUSQVARNALawn Mower & Garden Tractor HU600L
HUSQVARNALawn Mower & Garden Tractor w/Kohler 3.8 hp Courage XT-6
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 2-Cyl. SOHC2002-200715 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 2-Cyl. SOHC2002-20099.9 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 3 Cyl. SOHC2004-200725 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 3 Cyl. SOHC2004-200730 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 3-Cyl. DOHC2002-200540 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 3-Cyl. DOHC2002-200550 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke 4-Cyl. SOHC2002-200560 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke OHC1995-199815 h.p.
JOHNSONOutboard 4-Stroke OHC 305cc1995-19989.9 h.p.
KAWASAKIAll Terrain Vehicle KLT1101983-1985
KAWASAKIAll Terrain Vehicle KLT1601985
KAWASAKIAll Terrain Vehicle KVF300CDF Brute Force 3002013
KAWASAKIMotorcycle All KZ550 Models1980-1984550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle EN4501985-1990450cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KL6001984-1986600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KL600A1984600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KL600B1985-1986600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KZ550A1980-1984550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KZ550C LTD1980-1984550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle VN700A11985700cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1500 Classic, VN1500A, C, D, E, N1987-20081500cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1500 Drifter, VN1500R2002-20051500cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1500 Mean Streak, VN1500P2002-20031500cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1500 Nomad, VN1500G, L1998-20051500cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1600 Classic, VN1600A2003-20081600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1600 Mean Streak VN1600B2004-20081600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 1600 Nomad VN1600D82006-20081600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 500 LTD, EN500A, C1990-2008500cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Vulcan 750, VN750A11, A121986-2006750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZL100019871000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX10001986-19871000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX7501988-1990750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX750G1985750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX900A11984-1988900cc
KAWASAKIUtility Vehicle KAF450B Mule 10001991-1996
KOHLEREngine Power Equipment XT-6, XTR-6 Courage XT-Series OHV3.8 h.p.
KOHLEREngine Power Equipment XT-675 Courage XT-Series OHV6.75 h.p.
KYMCOAll Terrain Vehicle Mongoose 2502004-2009
KYMCOAll Terrain Vehicle Mongoose 3002006-2013
KYMCOAll Terrain Vehicle MXU 2502006-2009
KYMCOAll Terrain Vehicle MXU 3002006-2013
KYMCOScooter Bet & Win 1502002-2007
KYMCOScooter Bet & Win 2502002-2006
KYMCOScooter Frost 200i2011
KYMCOScooter Grandvista 2502005-2010
KYMCOScooter People 2502004-2007
KYMCOScooter People S 2502007-2010
KYMCOScooter Xciting 2502006-2010
KYMCOScooter Xciting 250 RI2009
KYMCOScooter Yager GT 200i2010-2012
KYMCOScooter Yager GT 250i2011
LUCKY 7All Terrain Vehicle Explorer 150cc
LUCKY 7Motorcycle KMX Enduro150cc
LUCKY 7Motorcycle Pit Pro125cc
MALAGUTIAll Terrain Vehicle F18 Warrior 125
MANCOAll Terrain Vehicle Talon 8260E
MARINEROutboard 1-Cyl.4-Stroke OHV Export1999-20094 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 1-Cyl.4-Stroke OHV Export1999-20095 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 1-Cyl.4-Stroke OHV Export2000-20096 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 1-Cyl.4-Stroke OHV Export2006-20092.5 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 1-Cyl.4-Stroke OHV Export2006-20093.5 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Export2005-20098 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 2-Cyl. Big Foot 4-Stroke SOHC Export1998-200915 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 2-Cyl. Big Foot, Sail Power 4-Stroke SOHC Export1995-20099.9 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 2-Cyl.4-Stroke SOHC Export200820 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 3-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Export1998-200940 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 3-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Export1999-200930 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 3-Cyl. Big Foot 4-Stroke SOHC Export1998-200925 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 4-Cyl. 45 Bodensee Export1995-200545 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 4-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Export2000-200950 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 4-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC, Big Foot Export2001-200960 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 4-Cyl. Big Foot 4-Stroke SOHC Export1995-200950 h.p.
MARINEROutboard 4-Cyl. Big Foot 4-Stroke SOHC Export1998-200940 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 1 Cyl. 4-Stroke OHV Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2000-20135 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 1-Cyl. 4-Stroke OHV Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2000-20134 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 1-Cyl. 4-Stroke OHV Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2000-20136 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 1-Cyl. 4-Stroke OHV Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2006-20132.5 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 1-Cyl. 4-Stroke OHV Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2006-20133.5 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Big Foot, Pro Kicker Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2005-20139.9 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2000-201315 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2001-20139.9 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2005-20138 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2008-201320 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. Big Foot 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1998-200915 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. Big Foot, Sail Power 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1995-20069.9 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 2-Cyl. Prokicker 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2010-201315 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 3-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1998-201340 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 3-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1999-201330 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 3-Cyl. Big Foot, Jet 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1997-201325 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 3-Cyl. Flyway 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2010-201325 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 4 Cyl. Big Foot, Jet 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1998-201340 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 4-Cyl. 45 BoDensee Export Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1995-200645 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 4-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC, Big Foot Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2000-201350 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 4-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC, Big Foot Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2001-201360 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 4-Cyl. 4-Stroke SOHC, Flyway Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition2010-201260 h.p.
MERCURY MARINEOutboard 4-Cyl. Big Foot 4-Stroke SOHC Merc Series with Thunderbolt Ignition1995-200950 h.p.
MZMotorcycle Baghira, Mastiff660cc
MZMotorcycle Black Panther660cc
MZMotorcycle Skorpion Traveller, Tour, Sport, Sport Cup, Replica660cc
NISSANOutboard 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke2000-20039.9 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NFS18, 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke2001-200918 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF15, 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke2000-201315 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF2.5, 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke2008-20132.5 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF20 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke2008-201320 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF25, 3-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke2002-201325 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF30, 3-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke2002-201330 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF4, 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke2000-20134 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF5, 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke1999-20135 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF6, Sail Pro 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke2001-20136 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF8, 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke2004-20138 h.p.
NISSANOutboard NSF9.8, 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke2004-20139.8 h.p.
SKI-DOOSnowmobile Alpine IV1990500cc
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle ALT125 3-Wheel1983-1986
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle ALT185 3-Wheel1985
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT125 4x6 4WD1983
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT125 Quadrunner 4WD1984-1987
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-160E QuadRunner 4WD1989-1992
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-160K QuadRunner2003-2004
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT185 Quadrunner 4WD1984-1987
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-230E QuadRunner 4WD1985-1993
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-230S QuadSport 4WD1985-1988
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F160 QuadRunner1991-2001
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F230 QuadRunner 4WD1986-1987
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F250 QuadRunner 2WD1999-2001
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F250, LTF4WD, LTF4WDX1985-1998
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F250F QuadRunner 4WD2002
SUZUKIMotorcycle Boulevard C90, SE, T, Black2005-20101462cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle Boulevard M952005-20061552cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR1251983-1988125cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR125, S1983-1988125cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR2501983-1985250cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR250, S1983-1986250cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR3701978-1979370cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR4001980400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR400 Enduro1980400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR5001981-1983500cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GN2501983250cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GN2501988250cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GN4001980400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GN4001982400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GN400T1982400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GR650 D, XD Tempter1983650cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS1000Z19821000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS1150E1984-19861150cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS650E1981-1982650cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS650E, G, GL, M Katana1981-1983650cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS650G1981-1983650cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS650GL1981-1983650cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS700E1985700cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS700E, ES1985700cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GS700ES1985700cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX1100F Katana1988-19931100cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX400EF1985400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R7501986-1989750cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GV1200GL1985-19861200cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GV14001986-19891400cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GV700GLF Madura1985700cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle SP3701978-1979370cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle SP5001981-1983500cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle VL1500 Intruder LC1998-20041500cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle VS700GL Intruder1986-1987700cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle VS800GL, GLK, GLP, GLS, Intruder 8001992-2004800cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle VX8001990-1993800cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle VZ1600 Marauder 160020041552cc
SUZUKIOutboard DF15 4-Stroke 2-Cyl. SOHC1996-201315 h.p.
SUZUKIOutboard DF25 4-Stroke 3-Cyl. SOHC2000-200725 h.p.
SUZUKIOutboard DF30 4-Stroke 3-Cyl. SOHC2000-200730 h.p.
SUZUKIOutboard DF40 4-Stroke 3-Cyl. DOHC1999-201340 h.p.
SUZUKIOutboard DF50 4-Stroke 3-Cyl. DOHC1999-201350 h.p.
SUZUKIOutboard DF9.9, 9.9T 4-Stroke 2-Cyl. SOHC1996-20139.9 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MF520 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke20 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS15A 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke15 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS18, 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke18 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS2.5, 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke2.5 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS20 2-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke20 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS25, 3-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke25 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS30, 3-Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke30 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS4A 1 Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke4 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS5A 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke5 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS6, 1-Cyl. OHV 4-Stroke6 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS8 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke8 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS9.8, 2-Cyl. 4-Stroke9.8 h.p.
TOHATSUOutboard MFS9.9A 2 Cyl. OHC 4-Stroke9 .9 h.p.
TRIUMPH ROCKET III2004-20102294cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Rocket III Classic2004-20132294cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Thunderbird2011-20131699cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Thunderbird Storm2011-20131699cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Thunderbird, SE2010-20131597cc
ULTIMA MOTORSMotorcycle 140cid2294cc
VICTORY Hammer20081634cc
VICTORY Hammer2009-20111731cc
VICTORY Hard-Ball20131731cc
VICTORY High-Ball2012-20131731cc
VICTORY Vegas Low20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle 10th Anniversary Vision Tour2008-20091731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Boardwalk20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Cross Country, Cross Roads, Tour2010-20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Cross Roads Classic20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Hammer 8-Ball2011-20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Hammer S20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Hammer S2009-20121731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Hammer, S20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Hammer, S2009-20121731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Hard-Ball20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle High-Ball2012-20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Jackpot20101731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Jackpot20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Judge20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Kingpin2011-20121731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Kingpin 8-Ball20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Kingpin 8-Ball20111731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Kingpin, Deluxe, Low, Tour20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle V92C1998-20011507cc
VICTORYMotorcycle V92SC2000-20011507cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Vegas 8-Ball2011-20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Vegas Low, Vegas 8-Ball20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Vegas, Jackpot/Ness,Low, 8 Ball20081634cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Vegas, LE, Jackpot/Ness2008-20131731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Vision 8-Ball2010-20111731cc
VICTORYMotorcycle Vision Street/Ness, Tour2008-20131731cc
VISION MOTORSPORTSAll Terrain Vehicle w/250cc Engines
YAMAHA XC200 RIVA1987-1991200cc
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFB250 Timberwolf1992-1998
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFB250FW Timberwolf 4WD1994-2000
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM200 4WD1985-1989
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM225 Moto-4 4WD1986-1988
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM250 4WD1989-1991
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM250X Bear Tracker 2WD SOHC2000
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM250X Beartracker 4WD1999
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM25X Bear Tracker 2WD SOHC2001-2004
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM350FW Big Bear 4WD1987-1999
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM350U Big Bear 2WD1996-1999
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM350XL Warrior 4WD1987-1999
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM400A Kodiak 2x42000-2001
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM400F Big Bear 400 4x42000
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM400FW Kodiak Bear 4WD1993-1995
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM40F Big Bear 4002001-2011
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM40R Big Bear 400 2WD SOHC2000-2004
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFM45FXV Wolverine 450 4WD2006-2010
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFP350 Terra Pro 4WD1988-1989
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YFU1, T Prohauler 4WD1989-1990
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YTM2001983-1985
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YTM225DR, DX1983-1986
YAMAHAAll Terrain Vehicle YXR45FAV Rhino 450 4WD SOHC Liquid2006-2009
YAMAHAEngine Power Equipment Outboard T25 High Thrust SOHC 4-Stroke2001-201325 h.p.
YAMAHAMotorcycle FJ12001986-19931200cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZR10001987-19951000cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZR10001987-19961000cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Midnight Venture2002-20071300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star1999-20031600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star2004-20091670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Cast2005-20061670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Ltd.20001600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Midnight2004-20071670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Midnight Silverado2004-20071670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Midnight Star2001-20031600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Midnight Warrior2005-20091670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star S2009-20141670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Silverado1999-20031600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Silverado, S2004-20141670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Road Star Warrior2002-20091670cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Blvd.1998-20011300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Cheyenne19981300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Classic II19981300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Deluxe2008-20091300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Midnight Touring Deluxe2006-20071300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Silverado19981300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Touring Classic1998-20001300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Touring Deluxe1998-20011300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Touring Deluxe2005-20071300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Venture1999-20101300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Venture Ltd.20001300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle Royal Star Venture S2011-20131300cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle SR1851981-1982185cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle TT6001983-1984600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle VMX12V V-Max1985-20071200cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle V-Star Custom2013650cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle V-Star Custom, Classic1998-2011650cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle V-Star Silverado2002-2010650cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XC2001987-1991200cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XJ550, R1981-1983550cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XS5001975-1978500cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XT2501984250cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XT250, LC1984250cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XT3501985-2000350cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XT5501982-1983550cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle XVZ121983-19851200cc
YAMAHAOutboard F15 SOHC 4-Stroke1998-200615 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F15C SOHC 4-Stroke2007-201315 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F20 SOHC 4-Stroke2007-201320 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F25 SOHC 4-Stroke1998-201325 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F30 SOHC 4-Stroke2001-200530 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F40 SOHC 4-Stroke2002-201340 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F50 SOHC 4-Stroke200250 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F50, T50 High Thrust EFI SOHC 4-Stroke1995-201350 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F60 EFI SOHC 4-Stroke2002-201360 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard F60 SOHC 4-Stroke2003-201360 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard T25 High Thrust SOHC 4-Stroke2001-201325 h.p.
YAMAHAOutboard T60 High Thrust EFI SOHC 4-Stroke2003-201360 h.p.
YAMAHAUtility Vehicle Yamahauler G-11