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Online Parts Catalog

Part Number: XS4302

Part Desc Iridium Powersports Spark Plug
Thread Size 10mm X 1.0
Reach 3/4"
Hex Size 5/8" (16mm)
Seat Type Gasket
Tip Configuration Short Projection
Resistor Resistor
Special Feature(s) Finewire
Heat Range Chart Row 3
Metal Type Iridium
Terminal Type Solid
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Autolite Xtreme Sport® Spark Plugs

Autolite Xtreme Sport® spark plugs are engineered to meet or exceed OE designs and withstand the extreme operating temperatures experienced during a powersports engine’s combustion. They were designed with iridium-enhanced 0.6mm finewire design for improved ignitability, faster fuel combustion and a more focused ignition versus standard plugs. They also provide up to 26 percent quicker starts compared to that of standard plugs and as much as 21 percent less hydrocarbon emissions than standard plugs, which promotes better fuel efficiency and horsepower.

The Xtreme Sport® Spark Plug features a platinum finewire tip that helps with easy starting, reduces fouling of the spark plug, and ensures longer performance.

ARCTIC CAT 400 2X41999-2003376cc
ARCTIC CAT 400 4X41999-2003376cc
ARCTIC CAT 500 4X41999-2009493cc
ARCTIC CATPower Sports 500 4x4 Automatic LE SOHC 4-Stroke2005-2009
BENELLIMotorcycle Caf? Racer 113020111130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Caf? Racer 8992010-2011900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Century Racer 11302011-20121130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Century Racer 8992011900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Titanium20101130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Titanium 0720091130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT2006-20071130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT 113020081130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT 1130 Cafe Racer 11302006-20111130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT 1130 Sport Evo20081130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT 8992012900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT 899 Sport2008-2011900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT 899 Touring2008-2011900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TNT R1602010-20111130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tornado Naked Tre 1130 Sport EVO20091130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tornado Naked Tre 8992009-2010900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tornado Naked Tre 899s2009-2010900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tornado Naked Tre R16020101130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tornado Tre 11302008-20101130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TRE 1130K, Amazonas20081130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TRE 1130K, Amazonas2010-20111130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tre 899K2010-2011900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tre K 11302006-20091130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tre K 1130, Amazonas20091130cc
BENELLIMotorcycle TRE K 8992009900cc
BENELLIMotorcycle Tre-K 1130 Amazonas20121130cc
BIMOTAMotorcycle SB71994-1995749cc
BIMOTAMotorcycle SB8K20011000cc
BIMOTAMotorcycle SB8R19981000cc
BIMOTAMotorcycle SB8R2000-20011000cc
BMWMotorcycle G450X2008-2010450cc
BMWMotorcycle G450X2008-2011450cc
BUELLMotorcycle 1125CR, R Firebolt2008-20101125cc
CANNONDALEMotorcycle C440, E4402002432cc
CANNONDALEMotorcycle E4002002432cc
CANNONDALEMotorcycle X440, X440S2002432cc
DERBIScooter Boulevard 125
DERBIScooter Boulevard 1502003-2005
DUCATIMotorcycle 998, 998R, 998S2002-2003999cc
DUCATIMotorcycle Superbike 749, 749R, 749S, Dark2003-2006748cc
DUCATIMotorcycle Superbike 999, 999R, 999R Xerox, 999s2003-2006999cc
DUCATIMotorcycle Superbike 999, 999S2003-2004999cc
HONDAMotorcycle 5992004-2006600cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB1000R2011-20131000cc
HONDAMotorcycle CB1000R2014998cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle CB1000R2015999cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle CBR1000RR2013-2015999cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle CBR1000RR, ABS2004-20131000cc
HONDAMotorcycle CBR600F4i2001-2006600cc
HONDAMotorcycle CBR600RR2009-2012599cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle CBR600RR, ABS2003-2013600cc
HONDAMotorcycle CBR900RR, RE2001900cc
HONDAMotorcycle CBR929RR2000-2001929cc
HONDAMotorcycle CBR954RR2002-2003954cc
HONDAMotorcycle CRF150R2012-2013150cc
HONDAMotorcycle CRF150R, Expert2007-2009150cc
HONDAMotorcycle CRF250X2012-2013250cc
HONDAMotorcycle Crossrunner2011782cc
HONDAMotorcycle NX2501988-1990250cc
HONDAMotorcycle VF750F, R1990750cc
HONDAMotorcycle VFR1200F20101237cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle VFR1200F2012-20141237cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle VFR1200F2013-20141237cc; OE Style
HONDAMotorcycle VFR1200F, FA Interceptor20101237cc
HONDAMotorcycle VFR800A1998-2009800cc
HONDAMotorcycle VFR800F Interceptor2014800cc
HONDAMotorcycle VFR800FI Interceptor, ABS1998-2009800cc
HONDAMotorcycle XR250R1996-2004250cc
HONDAPersonal Watercraft Aqua Trax F-122002-20091235cc
HONDAPersonal Watercraft Aqua Trax F-12X2002-20091235cc
HONDAPersonal Watercraft Aqua Trax R-12, R-12X 4-Stroke2004-20091235cc
HONDAPersonal Watercraft F-15X, GPScape Supercharged 4-Stroke2008-20091470cc
HONDAScooter NHX110A Elite2010
HUSABERGMotorcycle FE2502013250cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Concours 14 ZG1400A2008-20141352cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ER650 ER-6n2009-2011650cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ER-6N2009-2011650cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle EX650A Ninja 650R2006-2014650cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle GPZ11001995-19961100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KLX2501994-1996250cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KLX250D2, D3, D41994-1996250cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KX250F2004-2013250cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle KX250F Monster Energy2009250cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja 750R, ZX7501987-1990750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja 750R, ZX750F1987-1990750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-11 ZX11001990-1993600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-11 ZX1100 GPz1996-2002600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6, ZX600D1990-1993600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6, ZX600E1996-2002600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R Monster Energy2009600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, Z600P2007-2013600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, ZX6001990-1993600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, ZX600G1998-1999600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, ZX600J2000-2002600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, ZX6361996-2002600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, ZX6362003-2006636cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6R, ZX636E2013-2014636cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6RR, ZX600K2003600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-6RR, ZX600M2004-2006600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX750 S/O2007-2013600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX750 w/Cart.1998-1999600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-7R ZX7501996-2003750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Ninja ZX-7R, ZX750P1996-2003750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Versys KLE650A2008-2014650cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Z10002003-20081000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Z10002010-20121043cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle Z10002010-20141043cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZR750K1, Z750S2005-2006750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZRX12002001-20051200cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZRX120020051200cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZRX1200R2001-20051200cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX10001988-19901000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1000 Ninja ZX-10R2004-20141000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1000GBF Ninja 10002011-20141043cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1100 GPZ1996-2002600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1200 Ninja ZX-12R2000-20051200cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1400 Ninja ZX-14 Monster Energy20091352cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1400 Ninja ZX-14R2012-20141441cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX1400A6F Ninja ZX-142006-20111352cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX-6R, ZX600E1993-1995600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX-6R, ZX600F1996-1997600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX750K, M ZX-7R1991-1994750cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZX-9C11998-1999900cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZZR 6002003-2008600cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZZR12002002-20051200cc
KAWASAKIMotorcycle ZZR600, ZX600E2003-2008600cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft STX-12F2003-20081199cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft STX-15F2004-20131498cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft Ultra 250X Supercharged2007-20081498cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft Ultra 260X, LX Supercharged2009-20121498cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft Ultra 300LX Supercharged2011-20131498cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft Ultra 300X Supercharged2011-20131498cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft Ultra LX2007-20131498cc
KTM 505 SX-F2008477cc
KTM 505 XC-F2008-2009477cc
KTMAll Terrain Vehicle 505 SX2009
KTMMotorcycle 450 SX-F2007-2013450cc
KTMMotorcycle 450SX-F2007-2013450cc
KTMMotorcycle 505 SX-F, XC-F2007-2009477cc
MV AGUSTA F42010-2011998cc
MV AGUSTA F4-1000R2007996cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Agusta F42010-2011998cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Agusta F4 AGO, F4 Tamburini2005996cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Agusta F4-R, F4-R 1+1, F4 Senna2007-2008996cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Agusta F4-S, F4 S 1+12005-2006996cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Brutale 1090 RR2010-20121078cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Brutale 910R2006-2008909cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Brutale 910S2006-2008909cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle Brutale 990R2010998cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle F4 1078 RR 31220091078cc
MV AGUSTAMotorcycle F4 Brutale 1078 RR20091078cc
NORTONMotorcycle Commando 961 Caf? Racer2011961cc
NORTONMotorcycle Commando 961 SE2011961cc
NORTONMotorcycle Commando 961 Sport2011961cc
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-A750X KingQuad 750AXi, Camo Automatic DOHC Liquid2008-2013
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F400F KingQuad 400ASi, Camo 2 & 4WD 4-Stroke2010-2013
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LT-F400F KingQuad 400AXi, Camo 2 & 4WD 4-Stroke Liquid2008-2009
SUZUKIAll Terrain Vehicle LTF-400F KingQuad 400FSi, Camo 2 & 4WD 4-Stroke2010-2013
SUZUKIMotorcycle DL1000 V-Strom 1000, SE Touring2002-20121000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR350, SE1996-1999350cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR350SE1994-1999350cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR-Z2502001-2007250cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle DR-Z2502001-2008250cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSF600S Bandit1996-2003600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSF600S Bandit 600, S1996-2003600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX1300BK B-King, ABS2008-20101340cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX1300R Hayabusa2009-20131340cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX1300R Hayabusa F/I2009-20141340cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX600F Katana 6001996-2008600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX750F Katana 7501999-2008750cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSXL1300R Hayabusa F/I1999-20081300cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R10002001-20091000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R10002011-20141000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R1000 F/I2001-20131000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R6001992-1993600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R6001997-2009600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R6002011-2014600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R600, K, MK F/I1997-2013600cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R7501998-2009750cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R7502011-2014750cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle GSX-R750 F/I1998-2013750cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle SV1000, S F/I2003-20091000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle SV1000/S2003-20071000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle TL1000R1998-20031000cc
SUZUKIMotorcycle TL1000S1997-20011000cc
TRIUMPH SPEED FOUR2002-2006600cc
TRIUMPH SPRINT GT2011-20121050cc
TRIUMPH SPRINT ST2005-20101050cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Daytona 6002003-2004600cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Daytona 6502005650cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Daytona 675 R, ABS2006-2013675cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Daytona 675, ABS2006-2013675cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Speed Four2002-2006600cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Speed Triple, Triple R2005-20131050cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Sprint GT2011-20121050cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Sprint ST, ABS2005-20101050cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Street Triple, R 6752008-2013675cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Tiger 1050, SE2008-20121050cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle Tiger 800, XC, XCA, XCX2011-2013799cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle TT6002000-2003600cc
TRIUMPHMotorcycle TT600, Sport2000-2003600cc
XBOARDPersonal Watercraft w/39.5 hp Wankel Engines400cc
YamahaOffroad Motorcycle WR250R2015250cc
YamahaPersonal Watercraft VX1100A WaveRunner VX Cruiser20151052cc
YamahaPersonal Watercraft VX1100B WaveRunner VX Deluxe20151052cc
YamahaPersonal Watercraft VX1100C WaveRunner VX Sport20141052cc
YamahaSnowmobile FX10 FX Nytro2013-20141050cc
YamahaSnowmobile FX10M FX Nytro MTX 1532013-20141050cc
YamahaSnowmobile FX10M FX Nytro MTX 1622013-20141050cc
YamahaSnowmobile FX10XT FX Nytro XTX 1.752013-20141050cc
YamahaSnowmobile PZ50 Venture MP2015500cc
YamahaSnowmobile PZ50MT Phazer MTX2012-2015
YamahaSnowmobile PZ50MT Phazer MTX2013500cc
YamahaSnowmobile PZ50RTX Phazer RTX2012-2015
YamahaSnowmobile PZ50XT Phazer XTX2014-2015
YamahaSnowmobile RX10P Apex2012
YamahaSnowmobile RX10P Apex2013-2015
YamahaSnowmobile RX10PS Apex SE2012-2015
YamahaSnowmobile RX10TX Apex XTX2012-2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR Viper2014
YamahaSnowmobile SR Viper LTX2014
YamahaSnowmobile SR Viper LTX SE2014
YamahaSnowmobile SR Viper RTX SE2014
YamahaSnowmobile SR Viper XTX SE2014
YamahaSnowmobile SR10LD SR Viper LTX DX2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10LL SR Viper LTX LE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10LS SR Viper LTX SE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10M53 SR Viper MTX 1532015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10M53S SR Viper MTX 153 SE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10M62L SR Viper MTX 162 LE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10M62S SR Viper MTX 162 SE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10RD SR Viper RTX DX2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10RL SR Viper RTX LE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10RS SR Viper RTX SE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10SD SR Viper STX DX2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10XL SR Viper XTX LE2015
YamahaSnowmobile SR10XS SR Viper XTX SE2015
YamahaStreet Motorcycle FZ6R2015600cc
YAMAHA YZF-R12002-20081000cc
YAMAHA YZF-R1 LE20061000cc
YAMAHAJetboats 212SS 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats 212X 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats 232 Limited, S HO 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats AR210 w/Twin 110 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats AR230 HO w/Twin 160 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats AR230 w/Twin 140 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats SR210 w/Twin 110 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats SR230 HO w/Twin 160 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats SR230 SRT1000 w/Twin 140 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats SX210 w/Twin 110 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats SX230 HO w/Twin 160 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAJetboats SX230 w/Twin 140 hp 4-Stroke
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZ12013-20141000cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZ62004-2009600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZ6R2009-2012600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZ6R2009-2015600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZ82011-2013780cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZR600R2004600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle FZS600 FZ62004-2009600cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle TT-R2501999-2006250cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle VMX17 V-Max2009-20141679cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle WR250R2009-2013250cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle WR250R2009-2015250cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle WR250X2009-2013250cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle YZF750R1994750cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle YZF750R1996-1998750cc
YAMAHAMotorcycle YZF-R1, LE2002-20081000cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner FX 4-Stroke20051000cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner FX Cruiser 4-Stroke2003-20081000cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner FX Cruiser HO 4-Stroke2004-20081052cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner FX HO 4-Stroke2004-20081052cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner FX140 4-Stroke2002-20081000cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner VX 110 Deluxe, Sport 4-Stroke2005-20061052cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft Wave Runner VX, Cruiser, Deluxe, Sport, Ltd.2007-20151052cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Apex ER, GT, RTX, Mountain, SE 4-Stroke Liquid2006-20091000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Apex GT, LTX, LTX GT, MTX, MTX SE, RTX 4-Stroke Liquid2008-20101000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Apex, LE, SE, X-TX 4-Stroke2011-20151000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Attak, GT 4-Stroke Liquid2006-20071000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile FX Nytro XTX 4-Stroke Liquid2009-20101050cc
YAMAHASnowmobile FX Nytro, M-TX SE, R-TX, X-TX 4-Stroke2011-20141050cc
YAMAHASnowmobile FX Nytro, MTX, RTX SE 4-Stroke Liquid2008-20101050cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Phazer FX/GT2007500cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Phazer GT, M-TX, R-TX , X-TX 4-Stroke2008-2015500cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Phazer, FX, GT, Mountain Lite 4-Stroke Liquid2007500cc
YAMAHASnowmobile RS Venture GT 4-Stroke2011-20131050cc
YAMAHASnowmobile RX, RX-1 Warrior 4-Stroke Liquid2004-20051000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile RX-1 Mountain 4-Stroke Liquid2003-20051000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile RX-1, RX-1 ER 4-Stroke Liquid2003-20051000cc
YAMAHASnowmobile SRViper L-TX, M-TX, R-TX, S-TX, X-TX 4-Stroke2014-2015
YAMAHASnowmobile Venture Lite 4-Stroke Liquid2007-2013500cc
YAMAHASnowmobile Venture MP 4-Stroke Liquid2013-2015500cc