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ABD Motorsports

Ultra 4/ Unlimted class (4400)
ABD Motorsports

Driver: Edwin Abd
I grew up 4wheeling with my dad in his 1983 Nissan 4x4 pickup lifted on 33s, and later in high school, my dad helped build my own 1985 Toyota 4x4 pickup which I still have today. I have been 4 wheeling since I was a kid, and love going to Rubicon and Fordyce trails in northern Ca. I’m on the Property Committee for the Rubicon Trail Foundation, and also on the Board of Directors for Friends of Fordyce.

I’ve been helping friends who race King of the hammers since 2009, and have been to every King of the Hammers race since then. In January of 2015, I purchased my own Ultra 4 car that needed reviving, and have been racing Ultra 4 as a season committed driver since 2015. In December of 2018, I purchased a second car, which is the one I’m racing now. It was a significant step up from what I was at and really helped improve my capability of being competitive within the 4400/Unlimited class of Ultra 4 Racing.

2022 will be my 7th year as a season committed driver in Ultra 4 Racing, and I’m looking forward to an awesome season ahead. I’ve been blessed this year and had a lot of big sponsors step up to help support me in my racing endeavors. This sport has not only helped me grow professionally and personally, but has also brought my wife and 4 kids, as well as my parents and close friends, to love the sport and gives us a reason to come together.

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