JCW Racing

Sprint Car
We are a IMCA/RaceSaver sprint car team based in Central PA. Driver Jake Waters, winner of the 2013 Keystone RaceSaver Challenge at Port Royal came Back to driving after a fiery crash in 2016 left his scarring burns on over 35% of his body. 

2021 RACES

Race Name Date
Selinsgrove Speedway 2021-05-22 
Selinsgrove Speedway 2021-05-29  
Port Royal Speedway  2021-06-05
Selinsgrove Speedway 2021-06-12 
Port Royal Speedway 2021-07-04   
Selinsgrove Speedway  2021-07-10 
Selinsgrove Speedway  2021-07-17 
Port Royal Speedway  2021-07-25 
Bloomsburg Speedway 2021-08-07
Port Royal Speedway  2021-08-14
Selinsgrove Speedway   2021-08-21 
Port Royal Speedway  2021-09-09  
Port Royal Speedway   2021-09-25  
Selinsgrove Speedway  2021-10-09 
Port Royal Speedway  2021-10-23  

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