Mighty Mouse

Drag Racing

Mighty Mouse was “born” in 1970 on the Southside of Chicago by two brothers, Howard and Charlie Brown. Doing Carpentry, side jobs and car repairs out of their garage to earn money, they started down a Drag Racing road that would continue for generations. The car, a 1963 Chevy II was bought at a used car lot on the north side of Chicago, and later swapped with a Chevy 454 engine, 4 speed transmission and a Pontiac rear-end. Mighty Mouse enjoyed years of success and performance under the control of the brothers, and instilled a love of racing in their sons (and current Mighty Mouse owners), Rick and Charlie Brown. Through 6 years of retirement for Mighty Mouse, the duo of Rick and Charlie watched their fathers grow older, and unfortunately witnessed the elder Charlie lose his battle with cancer.  These events drove the duo to bring the car out of retirement, and each race they run is an encapsulation of the spirit their father’s built the car in, and the lessons they taught Rick and Charlie, as well as the the third generation of Brown racers, Zach and Matt Brown.

Rick Brown – Owner / Driver
Charlie Brown – Owner / Crew Chief
Zach Brown – Crew
Matt Brown - Crew

Rick Brown, Sales
Mobile 847.814.3853


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