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Nancy Matter

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Nancy Matter Grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the Racing Hub of Southern California. By the time she was 13, she had worked a variety of jobs at the track, front gate, scales, fuel checks, time slips, as well as helping out during the summer months at NHRA when it was in Toluca Lake and North Hollywood, California. At age 13, already a sophomore in HS, matter met The Gasparrelli Family and the passion for Funny Cars was an instant marriage for her. She went as much as possible to the track with Team Gasparrelli and learned a variety of jobs, one of those was sitting in the car to be towed to the line, back to the pit after the run, chutes, fuel and a variety of other odd jobs around the car. At the age of 19, Nancy left racing to start a family and put herself through Music Engineering School which lead to her Multi faceted, Award Winning Career within the Music Industry. After 18 years of marriage and her kids well on their way of becoming adults, Nancy went back to the races in Seattle at the North West Nationals. In 2001, Matter went to Hawley's School of Drag Racing, got her Super Comp license, bought her first dragster and competed in Division 7 S/C for 3 years. This led her back to her roots of the Alcohol Funny Car Class. Through her music career, it afforded Matter to purchase her first Top Alcohol Funny Car that she campaigned for 14 years. In 2017, it was decided to make a significant change over to Nitro Methane and the opportunity came up to purchase a Nostalgia Legal Funny Car that she currently still drives, a 1977 Trans Am. Matter now has 3 wins and 1 runner up to her Teams Credit along with multiple track records within a 2 year period and they are looking to not only add to their trophy case, but entertaining the move into a Big Show Class within the next 24 months.


2021 RACES

Race Name Date
Texas Motorplex FCC March 26, 27  
Amarillo April 23 - 24  
Penwell May 14 & 15  
Eddyville June 4 & 5 
Kearney June 11 & 12  
Bowling Green June 17 & 18 
Cedar Falls NOF July 17 
Boise  August 6, 7 & 8  
Mokan  Sept 3/4 
Tulsa  Sept 16 to 19 
Ark City Exhibition  
San Antonio 
Oct 1 & 2 
CHRR Bako  Oct 22 - 24 

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