Postula Motorsports


Gordie Postula has a long history of racing across a number of different disciplines. He started racing snowmobiles at 17 in the Midwest International Racing Association semi-pro class. At 18, he turned pro and has had a successful career with a number of teams.  After turning pro in 1997, Gordie won the International Championship Enduro Racing Stock III Title on his Arctic Cat. Gordie also teamed up with Scott Maciag to lead Arctic Cat to win the 1997 Manufacturers Cup 440 Challenge. He has had a number of podium finishes and wins throughout his snowmobile racing career, and has competed in various enduro and vintage race series throughout the midwest.

Gordie also races lawn mowers at select events throughout Michigan and the Upper Midwest. Capturing multiple wins over the past 6 years, Gordie has a great passion for mower racing. He currently races lawn mowers throughout the summer at select USLMRA events and snowmobiles all winter. His passion for racing shows through his enthusiasm to teach and help younger racers, as well as his ability to still win pro events. This new chapter in motorsports racing has given his team new venues to promote their love of racing.



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