SSR (Seher Schultetus Racing)


Seher Schultetus Racing are group of racers with a passion for heads up small tire racing. The team is composed of 5 core members, each of whom have separate jobs. Based out of Wyoming, Michigan, all but one member of the team are local, and each plays an integral part in the success of Seher Schultetus Racing.  Each member handles their tasks respectively after each pass, and work collaboratively to make adjustments and prep for the next round. The shiny-black 1979 Big Block Chevy Camaro was originally a t-top car, which the team removed, added a new skin, and painted the car in a single stall garage in just 5 short weeks. The team has a dedication to their sport, but know that the support and continuous encouragement of their fans is what drives them to continue competing on their highest level.

Car Owner- Chris Schultetus
Car Driver- Greg Seher
Crew - Josh Cline, Gary Seher, Justin Hunt




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