Steele Brothers

Drift Racing

Mike and Brock Steele are Steele Brother’s Motorsports. After a 20+ year career in motocross, Mike sustained a back injury which ended his moto career. While recovering, Brock mentioned the idea of pursuing drifting specifically as a way to fill the ‘motocross void’, as they had spent most of their time traveling to races across the U.S.. Shortly after, the brothers purchased their first cars and began drifting in the Midwest in 2012. Their cars are almost identical Nissan S14’s with LS1 motor swaps, FD legal roll cages and full aftermarket suspension setup for drifting. They take pride in maintaining their own cars in house, at their race shop in Woodland, MI. They travel all over the Midwest to parking lot events, oval tracks and road race courses, sharing their passion and the excitement that can be had while driving a car 100+mph sideways.




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