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Mike Messineo has been a fan of all forms of motorsport for as long as he can remember, first with trail riding motorcycles as a kid. He then bought/built a Jeep XJ Wrangler, taking the Jeep on trails while at college.  He ran the same trails so often that he memorized every turn, and found himself going faster over time, eventually sliding the corners for fun. This was his first true introduction to car control, and a direct path to his current drifting passion. Mike then bought a Nissan S14 and, after a number of mishaps, was able to perform a 2jz engine swap. Both his car and driving abilities continue to evolve over time, and his main goals in drifting are to have fun hanging out and driving with friends and family while also putting on an entertaining show for anybody watching or riding along.


2019 Events

Race Name Date
Empire Hill Climb 09/14/19
Mi Drift 2 Day Bash 09/28/19
Mi Drift 2 Day Bash 09/29/19

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