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Autolite® Distributors

Autolite® distributors are engineered to provide premium precision and reliability for your vehicle. All components are 100% tested to ensure proper voltage is transmitted to the spark plugs in the correct timing pattern, allowing your engine to perform its best on command. All units are built to meet or exceed OEM performance, providing a quality product both you and your vehicle can rely on.

  • Autolite® distributors are designed to meet or exceed O.E. performance levels
  • All electronic module components are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality
  • All shafts are supplied with the required oil spiral
  • Precise machining tolerances prevent oil leakage, poor timing, illuminated “Check Engine” light and premature failure
  • Automated test equipment verifies signal strength, correct polarity of wire harness, air gap, crank reluctor tooth size, as well as ignition coil and pickup performance
  • Applications include a cap and rotor

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