Xtreme Start

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Autolite® Xtreme Start™ Spark Plugs

When your outdoor work is more demanding, demand a better plug. From lawn mowers to chain saws, you'll get 26 % quicker*, more consistent starts versus standard copper plugs and an anti-foul design. Engineered with an iridium enhanced platinum .6mm finewire tip for longer life and sustained performance. 

* Testing performed by independent lab in comparison to OE Standard Spark Plug

Autolite highly recommends that you consult with your vehicle’s equipment's repair manual for any specific instructions for changing the spark plugs. Engines can vary widely by make and model. These instructions should be considered for general guidance only.

Check Autolite® spark plug catalog for proper application, torque specs and gap setting. Set gap before installing.


Gasket Seat
1/4 to 1/2 turn after finger tight

Tapered Seat (Gasketless)
1/16 turn after finger tight

If you have any questions regarding your Autolite spark plugs, call Autolite Answers(SM) to consult with one of our technicians. Autolite Answers 855-200-5200

Finewire technology is used in the Premium Lawn Care Spark Plugs for easier starting of small engine products and better performance. The finewire technology versus a regular center wire on most premium plugs makes it easier to start because it requires a lower firing voltage to fire the spark plug. These plugs deliver 26% faster starts*, better fuel efficiency and performance compared to copper plugs. In addition, a proprietary nickel-chromium alloy side electrode is used for durability.

* Testing performed by independent lab in comparison to OE Standard Spark Plug

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