Autolite® Glow Plugs

Trouble starting your diesel engine? That's because they depend on high heat in the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel, and when you cold start a diesel engine there just isn't enough heat. Glow plugs warm the combustion chamber to start fuel ignition.

  • Excellent coverage for diesel engines
  • High intensity concentrated heat for reliable starts year-round
  • Available for diesel engines in passenger cars and light trucks.

The following are general instructions for the removal and installation of glow plugs. For more detailed instructions pertaining to your specific vehicle, consult an appropriate repair manual. Follow all safety precautions.

Technical Tips:

Tip 1. Be careful not to break or fracture the glow plug in the head. If glow plug breaks or fractures in the head you may have to push the pieces into the combustion chamber and remove the pieces through the injector hole using a magnet or claw tool. In some engines the heads must have to be taken out to remove the pieces. Make sure not do damage the threads.

Tip 2. Sometimes glow plugs go bad because glow plug timer system is not working correctly. If glow plugs stay on too long they could burn out. Make sure your timer system is working correctly before you install new glow plugs.

  1. Remove the valve cover (Ford) if required.
  2. Remove the parts needed to gain access to the glow plugs.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector/s.
  4. Using the correct deep socket or combination wrench, remove the glow plug from the cylinder head. Turn a 1/4-1/2 of a turn and spray penetrating oil lubricant, turn the wrench or socket back and forth until it feels loose, keep going until is out.
  5. Screw the glow plug reamer into the glow plug opening all the way in then out to remove carbon deposits.
  6. Install the new glow plug.
  7. Reconnect the connector to the glow plug terminal.
  8. Reinstall any parts removed for glow plug access.
  9. Replace the valve cover with a new gasket (if required).


If you have any questions regarding your Autolite spark plugs, call Autolite Answers(SM) to consult with one of our technicians. Autolite Answers 855-200-5200

Diesel engines depend on high heat in the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel. When you cold start a diesel engine, there isn't enough heat to get it going. As you turn the ignition switch, the glow plug warms the combustion chamber to start the fuel ignition. These glow plugs fit a variety of diesel applications. If you're experiencing problems starting your diesel engine, it may have burnt out glow plugs. For dependability and long-lasting performance, use Autolite® Glow Plugs.

A quick reference to Glow Plug's part numbers are listed below. Autolite provides OE-equivalent quality and performance to over 95% vehicle applications. If you don't see the part number for your vehicle, don't fret! Our Parts Finder allows quick access to the right part for your engine.

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